Dry Ridge & Verge Systems

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Has your roof been damaged and now missing a ridge tile? Is the cement coming off? Our expertly trained team can replace missing ridge tiles, or we can fully remove the tiles and re-bed them. Omega Roofing & UPVC also install the new dry-ridge systems, contact us today to find out more!

Omega Roofing & UPVC provides exceptional dry ridge and verge system installation, repair and maintenance services in and around Southampton, Portsmouth and all surrounding areas.

Our ridge services include:
  • Re-bed existing ridge tiles
  • Dry ridge or verge system
  • Pointing
  • Replace missing ridge tiles
  • All work needed on verge or valleys or hips and ridge tiles
High-quality ridge and verge system

Want to have a weatherproof roofline system which also provides good ventilation for your house? Ridge and verge systems do exactly that. We provide top-quality materials and expert installation services and repair for the dry ridge and verge system, so that you can be hassle-free. All our services are available within Southampton, Portsmouth & all surrounding areas. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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